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Company Profile

GoaFlix is a curated content platform giving a voice to the people from the Konkan Coast. You can watch a wide variety of movies, documentaries, and more.

Top Investor Questions

We care about both membership and revenue growth. A large membership base provides us with more scale and allows us to reach more people with our content and to generate word-of-mouth.

We also seek to grow revenue because it allows us to invest in more and better content and to improve our service and deliver profits for our shareholders.

Currently we offer Pay Per View-based streaming service to our viewers. We also periodically adjust pricing as this allows us to invest in the service to better serve our members. We also test different approaches to pricing (including different tiers and price points) to better understand consumer demand.

We have our roots in Goa (Konkan coast). With our passion and focus for Konkani language, we are working with film makers along the Konkan coast to produce high quality and curated content in Konkani language.

We fund our investments through operating profits and by raising debt.